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Remember David Pennock’s keynote from the March Participant Workshop?  If you are interested in supplementing your DAGGRE time by forecasting the US Elections, then check out Pennock’s new WiseQ game.

Like our combinatorial system in beta testing, WiseQ lets you trade on combinations and conditions. But while our funding rules bar us from including US politics, it’s fair game on WiseQ. For example, on their site, one option is to pick a party and any two states:

Maybe more interesting is the combination of jobs numbers and election winner.  Hint: there are some major inconsistencies in the September Jobs — President combination. Look for sudden discontinuities where the current probability changes from say, 83% to <1%, due to small changes in the job numbers.  Wish I had more time to play around!

Speaking of time, we need your eyeball time on DAGGRE, but the elections are such a natural fit I couldn’t fail to pass this along. If you try it out, make sure to tell us which features you’d most like to see on DAGGRE (other than US politics).