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Attention Participants!

The time is almost here! We are pleased to announce that our East Coast Analysis Training Workshop will be held at the Baltimore Maritime Institute Conference Center from Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon November 10-11, 2012. (The West Coast workshop is expected to be in February.)

Predicting the future isn’t easy, that’s why we’re inviting YOU to attend!

The workshop aims to make participants better forecasters with training and hands-on sessions.  You will have the opportunity to learn how to be better at “betting” in the prediction market, how to anticipate and correct cognitive biases, and about several tools, techniques, and theories in the judgment and decision sciences that are used across government and industry to predict the future. Robin Hanson, the “father of prediction markets” and other leading research scientists will be sharing their knowledge and experience with participants.

Due to an overwhelming response last year, those of you that have been anticipating the workshop can now RSVP in advance! Please help us tailor this workshop by completing our Pre-Workshop Planning Survey below.

Click here to register for the workshop and take the survey

The workshop will include your room for Saturday night and all meals from lunch Saturday through lunch Sunday provided at the Maritime Institute Conference Center. If you live within 99 miles you will be reimbursed a $50 travel stipend; if you live 100-199 miles away you will be reimbursed $100, and if you live more than 200 miles away you will be reimbursed $150.

*Space is very limited, so please take our survey right away to maximize your chances of being accepted into the workshop. *Further details on the workshop agenda will be provided to invited participants.

In the meantime, HAPPY FORECASTING!

***UPDATE*** Our registration site is now live! Please visit https://daggre.c4i.gmu.edu/conferences/login.php to fill out necessary information to receive travel reimbursements and to download a copy of the latest agenda.