Last week, the following 60 participants were randomly selected from all eligible participants to receive the August 2012 DAGGRE $50 Amazon Gift Cards. Awards are sent by the fifth business day of each month.  The table shows the first five characters of the username.

ahami Fenn Mu5ic sadov
aokin HipSh natha Sammy
astro inuur nesul sboiv
AZChi jaben neubr scott
babyo jball Nivra scrim
benja jdea OLD_I shell
bryce jmpar pangb Slopi
capta JN854 Peter Spawn
Carri jtwon plant stepc
chucl kerkp Prink ted
const kjluc Prope Thira
deeph Larkk Purge tosch
dejon mdrey rafq trewi
dizzn merce Razou tweet
ericm mommy roger Ultim

Congratulations! Winner activity levels ranged from a minimum of 30 up to a maximum of 303 logins* in the following distribution:

Overall activity is up this month: minimum winning logins is now 30. 

OK, our true maximum wasn’t really 303 logins, but an eyebrow-raising 9,079(!) due to a happy maniac who runs a script to help him check for changes.  Everyone else had 303 or fewer.

September will also track logins.  October will switch to #edits, or hopefully a mix of #edits, #3-point estimates, and #comments.  For reference, in the last 30 days, the [comparable] minimum #edits was 18 [about 8], and [the] maximum of [was] 215.  (Again excluding our happy maniac who managed 2,956.)

Drawing Process

Each month the drawing algorithm automatically sets the minimum threshold based on overall activity. Your activity is accumulated from month to month until you win, when it is reset. Among the eligible, those with more activity have more “tickets” in the draw, but the algorithm clips at a certain percentile to limit the lottery influence of the insanely active, and avoid giving incentives for abuse (login, logout, login, logout, login….).