The following 60 participants were randomly selected from all eligible participants to receive the July 2012 DAGGRE $50 Amazon Gift Cards. Awards are sent by the fifth business day of each month.  The table shows the first five characters of the username.

AR37 Molli danko lisst
CMIH RockB deemo ljone
Camde Ruff ennya mount
Conse SCLAU gholg nutal
Crowi Sierr hidal onawa
DAGGR Supra jaspe orso2
Domin TehMu jroul peewe
Frank Tiama jworl pigpe
GEMMA Tippe jyork studb
JNLA Zizar jyoti suema
JeffL aargh karol susia
Kakor altoc kevin swanm
L27 antid kicke tvd32
MSJoh asymm l4rr3 wegot
Melok codka linkm wilso

Congratulations! Winner activity levels ranged from a threshold of 8 up to a maximum of 313 logins, in the following distribution:

Activity is up from last month.

Drawing Process

Each month the drawing algorithm automatically sets the minimum threshold based on overall activity. Your activity is accumulated from month to month until you win, when it is reset. Among the eligible, those with more activity have more “tickets” in the draw, but the algorithm clips at a certain percentile to avoid abuse.