If you want to explore other markets (without slacking in DAGGRE of course!), we’ve recently come across Betsofbitco.in.  As the name implies, it uses the bitcoin peer-to-peer digital currency.   The site allows you to register with a free account; however, transactions do cost bitcoins, and there are fees associated with the transactions.

Betsofbitcoin allows members to bet on existing statements or submit new statements to earn commission.  Under each question there are three bubbles.  The green bubble represents the amount of agreeing bets.  The red bubble represents the amount of disagreeing bets.  The gray bubble represents the time remaining until the betting deadline.  Early bets are rewarded with higher winnings if their predictions are correct.  Losing bets are then distributed.  The breakdown of the distribution is as follows: 45% goes to the bet winners proportional to their bets; 45% goes to the bet winners proportional to their weighted bets (the earlier the bet, the higher the weight); 5% goes to the user who submitted the bet; 5% goes to the site.

The site offers a wide range of questions, ranging from US politics, to sports, to science and technology.  Except for US politics, the questions are similar to those you would encounter on the DAGGRE website.  Has anyone used or have insight into the Bitcoin website? We’d be interested to hear about it in the comments!