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New week, new questions! Check out the new questions uploaded today… their topics vary from the hot issues going on in the world today, from North Korea to Japan, Eurozone and Middle East:

Will Standard and Poor’s downgrade the United Kingdom’s Foreign Long Term credit rating at any point between 18 June 2012 and 1 April 2013?
Will Kim Jong-un resign or otherwise vacate the office of Supreme Leader of North Korea before 1 April 2013?
When will an Egyptian Referendum vote approve a new constitution?
When will Japan officially become a member of the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
Will any country officially announce its intention to withdraw* from the Eurozone before 1 April 2013?
When will North Korea successfully detonate a nuclear device, either atmospherically, underground, or underwater?
When will the UN announce that Iran has signed an official nuclear monitoring deal with the UN?
When will Bashar al-Assad resign or otherwise vacate the office of President of Syria?

These are long term questions, they all have the resolution deadlines next year… Happy trading everybody!